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Mumaith Khan and Monal Gajjar Join The Show


The most exciting TV reality show Sixth Sense season 4 has arrived with the fresh 19th episode which is bringing many enthusiastic twists, that will make you amazed for sure. Because two quite popular are becoming the part of the show whose presence too precious itself, so, therefore, Mumaith Khan Aand Monal Gujjar are coming as a guest of the week. So many twists and hilarious angels are waiting for you because this time the host will set the hilarious atmosphere through which you will not be able to stop giggle. So check the details below along with the special task details.

The episode begins where the host welcomes Mumaith Khan and Monal Gujjar even their fans are too excited to watch them on the screen. Because both have too wide a fan following which makes them quite prominent, so, therefore, the fans would not like to miss the telecast. Because after this, maybe they will not get the chance to watch them together, so, therefore, uncounted people set their schedule as per the telecast. So just gearing up yourself to catch the episode because it’s bringing a lot of twists to make you surprised.

The makers have shared the exclusive promo of the episode because uncounted fans are waiting for the telecast, but it will take place on your screen at the correct time. But their curiosity has gone at its peak since when they heard the name of Mumaith Khan and Monal Gujjar. In the promo, you can check the glimpse of the upcoming episode because we know that how hard the waiting is. But you will have to wait a bit more because still, a few hours are pending, but we have mentioned appropriate details that will be enough to give you an idea about the upcoming episode.

From the very beginning, the show is maintaining the consistency of it and therefore they have completed around 18 episodes, and the 19th will take place tonight. The reason behind its popularity is that it helps the viewers to enhance their GK power because it’s based on the quiz format. Even if a hilarious angel is also added but it’s proven best always because the viewers would like to watch it so that, their kids can learn such things due to the show. So this time at what type of questions will be asked by the host from the guest, so do not miss streaming it at the correct time and for further information stay connected with us.



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