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Mother of The Goddess Dormitory Episode 8 Release Date Preview Spoilers


Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory has been providing the viewers with a highly interesting and complicated storyline at the same time. Well, the readers seem to enjoy it nevertheless and are eagerly waiting for the next chapter in the Manga series. After delivering excellent 7 chapters, the writer is all set to entertain the fans with chapter 8. As the first season is about to witness its finale, the fans have gotten curious about the upcoming plot of the chapters. Well, we have compiled all the crucial details related to the series such as releases date, time, spoilers and preview here.

In chapter 7, it was shown that Koshi and Sutea showed immense support to dormers at the events happening at the Girls’ College Festival. The duo even received a warm welcome from Frey that made them feel pleased. Later, Koushi discovered some suspicious places in the school where he ends up meeting with few girls. However, Mineru had suggested some medicines that could be proved dangerous to them. The next chapter will continue with the same story. It will feature Koushi and the girls enjoying the summer vacation and have a good time at the beach.

Later, the summer break will end and the celebration of the 5th Annual Seikan Festival will start. Koushi and the girls also go there to have some fun. However, there they meet Frey and wonder why is she wearing an armband. Frey answers that she has taken the responsibility to deliver armbands and outfits to everyone at the festival. Koushi learns that Frey belongs to the voluntary festival community. Then, the trio reaches a spooky forest. However, Koushi gets the feeling that they should not go there but Frey asks him not to act shy and just come along. There, they will meet Mineru who claims to be a wizard.

The interesting chapter 8 of Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory will be released on September 1, 2021. Releasing on coming Wednesday, the readers will get the latest chapter at 11 PM. Though, when will the English dubbed episodes out is not known yet and the international readers might have to keep some patience. Well, the manga series will soon release its season finale as there are only 10 episodes in it. After the release of Ch 8, only two chapters will be left. Undoubtedly, these chapters will carry an engaging story and plot and might also drop a hint of season 2. Follow for more updates!



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