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Molkki Written Update 1st October 2021 Today’s Episode: Sakshi Returns To Help Purvi

In the latest episode, Juhi is asking Purvi, if Virender won’t come out of jail ever, Purvi asks if she trusts her Haathi. Purvi consoles and says everything will be fine soon. Haathi will bring Virender home soon and our jungle will be complete again. Juhi asks if they will live happily again, Purvi assures her that this going to happen very soon. Purvi then asks her to sleep. Purvi is also sleeping but her sleep gets interrupts and she wakes up. She thinks of Sudha and goes outside her to look for her. Get the complete Molkki Written Update of 1st October 2021.

Purvi sees Sudha is sitting outside and noticed that she is sad. Purvi goes to her and asks what happened to her. Sudha replies what happened today is revolving in her mind. Purvi consolidates her and says don’t overthink everything will be fine soon. She says we will set Virender free anyhow. She further informs her that she met a notable lawyer, who will handle Virender’s case and will get him out. Purvi says but we have to arrange money for the case. Sudha worries that who is going to help with that huge amount of money.

Molkki Today’s Full Episode Update

Sakshi arrived there and says I will arrange money for Virender. Sudha and Purvi get surprised to see Sakshi there. Purvi walks up and look at Sakshi, Sakshi assures Purvi that she will arrange the money. Purvi asks how do you come here, Sakshi replies that she comes here for you. Sakshi says we are in this together and will bring Virender back. Purvi says but you left everything, Sakshi says that I left because of my husband and children as they consider you everything, but now, I have also returned just for them. I have been keeping an eye on my family since I left.

Sakshi tells her I learned about Mukhiji that he got arrested, so I decided to help her. Purvi asks but how can I believe in you as you betrayed us earlier. Sakshi says I understand your concern, but it was a deal I had to make to return to my family. They ruined my complete life and captivated me for 5 years. I know their intentions but I had to keep quiet as it was part of the deal. Tune in to Colors at 10 PM and watch the complete entertaining episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any Molkki Written Update.


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