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Molkki Written Today’s Written Update 7th October 2021 Episode: Arjun Meets Virender

The episode of Molkki starts and Sakshi and Purvi both are tensed as Arjun rejected taking Virender’s case again. Purvi attempt got failed. Purvi says that she is in a dilemma that how they will set Virender free. Purvi asks if she again tries to convince him, but Sakshi says it would be in vain again. She says but Mukhiji is everything to me and I will do anything for him. Sakshi then suggests Purvi going together and try again to convince Arjun. They are about to leave but just then Juhi and Manas return home with Arjun.

Arjun comes to them and informs Purvi and Sakshi that he has come here to inform you that I am going to fight this case and will save your Mukhiji. Juhi says that we have saved them a day before you met him. Arjun tells Purvi that he wasn’t unaware that they are your kids you have raised them with manners and ethics. Sakshi gives a sad smile, both the kids hug Purvi. Purvi then asks the kids to go to the room and rest as they need to discuss something with Arjun regarding Baba.

Arjun, Purvi, and Sakshi sit to discuss the case, Arjun calmly and carefully listens to Virender’s story and decides to meet Virender. Arjun and Purvi meet Virender he informs Arjun that he doesn’t want to shoot, I was just scaring him, I was aiming at his shoulder, I still don’t understand how did he get shot in the chest. Arjun says you were furious at that time and might lose aim. Purvi says that he isn’t angry right now. Virender asks where did she get him. Virender says he won’t lose his aim even he is angry as well. Arjun again says something that outrages Virender.

Virender asks him to bring a gun and he will prove his words. Arjun gives Virender his gun. He hands over his gun to Virender and says here you are now, prove yourself. He says the court sentences me to death for a crime. I didn’t commit and this lawyer is playing the game along with me. While Arjun is playing along with a paperweight when Virender shoots it successfully. Arjun says that you appreciated your test, he announced that you haven’t shot Daksh. Arjun says someone other killed Daksh. Tune in to Colors at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any Molkki Written Update.

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