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Molkki Written Episode 13th Oct 2021 Update : Prakashi Manipulates The Witness

The exclusive episode begins with Virender tells Purvi he can’t see her doing the same thing with another person that we have done with each other. He says that he doesn’t want to lose you at any cost. He further says I am dead within a few days. He says I don’t know why I am losing my mind. Purvi tries to consolidate him, he then tells him that he hired Arjun and will surely get him out of the jail. Virender again tells her that he is losing control and his mind as well. Obtain all the information of the show with Molkki Written Update on 13 October 2021.

Purvi asks him to eat along with her and says if you won’t start trusting me I will leave you once and for all. Virender gets emotional and nods in yes. They somehow hug each other and feeds each other. Purvi hears some sound and noticed that it is coming from the kitchen. She wonders who were in the kitchen at this time. She goes to the kitchen and is amazed to see Arjun making coffee there. He tells that he couldn’t sleep and feel like having some coffee.

Purvi asks him to let her prepare coffee for him, Arjun asks if she attends all the guests like this or he is special. Purvi says I take care of all my guests like this. She says but you are a bit special as you are assisting the chief of this district in getting out of jail. Arjun says I must take out of Virender soon out of the jail. Purvi is trying to get a sugar jar but it was kept at a distance Purvi can’t manage to get it, Arjun assists her while getting the jar. His hand get touched by Purvi’s hand and they share an eye lock. Just at the same time, Praakshi captured her image.

The next morning, Purvi comes to Sakshi’s and give her money back to him. She says Arjun has returned this money. Purvi further says that he doesn’t need money for winning this case, he is looking for something else. Sakshi ponders what it is. Prakashi there comes to the jail to meet Virender and provoke him. She shows him captured of Purvi and Arjun she captured last night. Virender looks on. Tune in to Colors TV at 10 PM and enjoy the complete episode or on Voot anytime. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further Molkki Written Update.

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