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Molkki Today’s Written Update 6th October 2021 Spoilers: Purvi Fails To Convince Arjun

In Molkki, Sakshi comes to Purvi and informs her that your suggested lawyer Arjun refused to accept the case, she says in fact he is mannerless as well. He called me a main. Purvi gets tensed and says that they need that lawyer to accept their case otherwise they will be lost Virender. Purvi says only he can manage to turn things. Purvi says he is our only hope and says she will try to convince him and asks for his address. Sakshi tells her the address but says it will be worthless as I knew him. Purvi says she has to try for Virender.

The next morning Purvi goes to meet Virender with lunch. Virender gets elated seeing and starts eating. He says that the food is wonderful. Purvi says that she brought dinner as well to eat along with you. Virender again appreciates food, Purvi also tastes it and find out too salty. Purvi remembers that she added salt twice and apologise to Virender. She says that he shouldn’t eat that much salty food. Virender then says to let him eat as he is going to die after 12 days. Purvi stops him by saying that and assures him that they will return home after 12 days.

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The next morning, Purvi goes along with the kids to meet Arjun at his residence. She asks the kids to wait here and she is coming within a while. She enters Arjun’s home when she gets informed by a servant that Arjun is on the terrace. Purvi goes to the terrace and tells him about the case, but Arjun again shows Purvi her arrogant and weird behaviour. He even asks Purvi that he accept her case only if she jumps from the terrace, Purvi tries to trick him, but Arjun doesn’t get impressed and asks her to leave.

Juhi and Manas also come on the terrace, but Purvi asks them to come as this uncle isn’t going to help us and he is mannerless too. Purvi returns home along with Juhi and Manas, but the kids see hope and think to return to Arjun. Manas takes her Piggybank and they both again go to Arjun’s house and pleads with him to save their Baba. Manas gives her piggybank to Arjun. He looks on and the episode ends. Watch the next episode of Molkki on Colors at 10 PM. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Molkki Written Updates.

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