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Molkki 23rd Nov 2021 Episode Written Update: Renu Gets Scared Seeing Purvi’s Father

In the recent episodes of Mollki, we have watched that Purvi consolidate Renu and serve the breakfast of her choice. Renu gets elated and hugs Purvi meanwhile Prakashi and Anjali taunts Purvi, but receives a befitting reply to them. Just then Virender enters praising Purvi. Prakashi and Anjali fumes and leaves from there. Purvi tells Virender that he has to be dressed as they are going to celebrate Bhaidooj again as your sister has arrived after a long, so we are going to celebrate the festival as we all have reunited. Get more information with Molkki Written Update on 23 November 2021.

Purvi then asked Virender if he informed the police about last night. Virender denies and says he doubts that someone from our family is involved in that attack. Purvi asks if he doubts Prakashi or Sakshi, Virender nods yes. Purvi again asks him to be dressed for the celebration. Renu ties a sacred thread on Virender’s wrist and performs further rituals, Juhi tells Manas that she will also tie this thread on your hand as well. Purvi then tells Virender to come along with her as they need to buy some clothes for Renu.

While Purvi and Virender are in the market, Virender noticed a man with a tattoo on his neck, he recalls that he is the same goon who attacked them last night. The goon also noticed Virender and called Sakshi that to inform her that Virender might recognize him and again bumped with Virender and starts running. Sakshi tells goon don’t get caught. She hung up the call and call another goon to kill him before he gets caught. Just then Prakashi comes and laughs and says you are going to get exposed soon. Sakshi says it never happens.

Juhi and Manas are playing along with Renu and just then Purvi enters. Renu was surprised to see Purvi. She later gets frightened seeing the old guy in the wedding’s album of Purvi. Sakshi there is again ready with her another plan to defeat Purvi. She says this time her plan will get succeed. After Purvi’s parents come to meet Purvi, Renu sees her father and get extremely scared. She shouts and says to send this old man out because of him she got trapped in the brother. Everyone gets shocked. Watch all episodes of Molkki on Voot anytime. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.

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