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Molkki 17th November 2021 Written Episode Spoilers: Virender Gets Scared Of Sakshi

The Latest episode of Molkki will bring another kind of drama to your screen and as you all have watched in the previous episode that Virender enjoying the ritual, Purvi tells him that it is over now and he should not sit alone at the pandal. She then asks him about her gift, he replies that he has given it yesterday to her, she tells him that it was past but today she wants a huge gift. Children come there too and ask him about the gift.

Tonight’s episode begins with, Election officer telling Virender that no one submitted the against her so there is no doubt that she will be the only one, standing in the election and winning the same. Suddenly Sakshi raises her voice and says that she would love to stand against her, she then looks at all and says to go and make preps for the election because now Sakshi Pratap Singh will stand against Purvi. She takes the form and signs it. Purvi & Virender both step out.

Molkki Latest Written Episode

However, now Purvi has a competitor in the market but instead of being worried about the competition, she thinks further but Virender there thinks that how did Sakshi come out and who brought her out of the jail. Purvi says him not to be so worried and just focus on the plans that will make them feel pain and win, meanwhile, Sakshi steps towards them and says not to be happy because now she will teach them a life lesson that will make them feel pain and it is not going to be so easy to bear this time because it is not as easy as they think to remove her from her way.

Virender gets angry thinking about the person who dared to get her out of the jail. Sakshi challenges him for the elections and says that now she will win the elections for sure and there won’t be any chance to hope for the best because she is standing in the way and she will not let any good thing happen. Virender comes home angrily and says that how did she come out, Purvi says him to be calm and relaxed because her presence doesn’t matter for them, he tells him that it does because the lady who can kill their baby and still stand against them can go worse as much as she can. The episode ends here


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