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Molkki 12 August 2021 Written Episode: Purvi Leaves The House


The upcoming episode of Molkki will begin where Sudha sees Priyashi’s wallpaper on Veer’s mobile screen. Meanwhile, Veer arrives and makes her understand that she does not need to be jealous because he loves her a lot. So leave this thought that she can replace Priyashi from his heart because no matter what happens but she will not be able to change it. At the same time, Purvi hears everything and wonders that Veer should respect Sudha because she is now his wife, but no one cares about it and accuses her all the time.

Then Nanthini arrives there and meets Aarav and says that she has done a huge mistake for loving him, but at the same time he asks her to leave the house as soon as possible. Then he says that he can not live alone till his last breath hence, he brought a surprise for her which will make her a surprise somehow. But Virender warns him to leave the house otherwise it will be proven worst for him, but Aarav asks him to wait because he wants to make him meet with his Molkki. Then he represents his Molkki and when she removes her veil everyone gets shocked.

After a while, Nandini comes to them and slaps her by asking that what was the need to become Molkki of Aarav despite knowing that it will not be good. Later she starts accusing Purvi and spontaneously Nandini slaps her for blaming Purvi without any reason which is absolutely wrong. Priyu replies that Aarav created obstacles for stopping her wedding hence she had to take this decision. But Virender gets fed up and stops both sisters by saying that there is no need to do this drama without any reason, but Somewhere Virender slams Purvi as well.

Later, Virender informs her that he does not want to see her as Aarav’s Molkki and Purvi feels bad to hear all this. She gets shattered and decides to leave the house because no one is understanding her. Then she goes to Bus-Stand but a woman steals her all bags and essential stuff and enters in the bus but unfortunately, Accident takes place and Bus gets destroyed properly. Then the conductor comes to Purvi and informs her that due to bad weather Bus will not run for a while. So now many twists are ready to take place in the show, so do not miss to watch it on Colors at 10:00 PM and for further details connect with us.

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