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Mithi Gets Terribly Injured By Dev’s Car


The upcoming episode of Imlie will begin where Pallavi gets emotional along with the entire family because she is going to Australia for continuing her course. Meanwhile., Pankaj says that they are getting late so please do fast, because the flight is on time. Meanwhile, Aparna informs them that she will not come in Aditya’s car due to Imli, Aditya says that he is coming with Imli through the bike. So she can go in the car easily, but Malini gets shocked to hear this and decides that she will not let them go together.

Then Malini tries to make Aditya convince that Imli and he can come with them in a car, at the same time, Rupali also comes and taunts Malini. So that, she can leave Aditya and Imli together for a while, because Rupali knows that Malini’s intentions have been spoiled. Another side, Mithi gets terrible accident with Dev’s car and gets highly injured because of this, she gets fainted on the road. Dev is getting trepidation because he is not understanding what to do now. Therefore, he makes a call to Aditya but Sunder picks it and informs him that no one is here.

After a while, Nishant gets emotional by saying that he does not know how much time her course will take, but Imlie plays his wedding album and says that he can watch it whenever he will miss her. But as soon as Aparna sees Imli in the album she gets angry and says that they will have to make it again. Because it’s a family album where only family members can exist not outsiders, but Aditya defends her. Meanwhile, Malini is thinking inwardly that all the time Imli does such things, through which Aditya defends her because she is too clever.

On the other hand, Dev takes Mithi into his house and Anu gets shocked to see them together and starts arguing with Dev. But he does not consider her and asks her to bring a first-aid box so that, he can apply for medicines to her injuries. After a while, Malini also arrives there and sees their argument where Anu addresses Mithi Concubin women. But Malini makes her cool down because Mithi git injured and she needs some time and when she will get her senses back she will go from here. Another side, Aparna complains to Radha that they will have to send Imli back to her village.



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