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Malini Executes Her Conspiracy Against Imlie


The coming episode of Imlie will begin where Aditya calls a few jewelers with pieces of jewelry so that, Imli can purchase whatever she wants because Malini addresses her as a thief. Hence, Aditya decides to call them but everyone gets shocked to see them especially Aparna. Because she did not expect it at all, meanwhile, she starts taunting her by saying she knows how to loot very well. Radha also collaborates with Aparna and says that from the beginning she wants the same and now finally, she is getting whatever she wanted.

The Imli says there is no need to purchase any jewelry because she has her mangal sutra, but Aparna interrupts her and says stop buttering them because they know her truth so it does not work here. Meanwhile, Aditya says that he is doing right because Imli has the right to ancestral jewelry being a daughter-in-law of Tripathi house. Further, says Aparna did not welcome Imli and did not even give her pieces of jewelry despite knowing she is his wife. So therefore he is having to do all this, because of which, she can feel like a wife not a servant of their house.

After that, Radha passes Derogatory remarks to Imli by saying that today she is getting jewelry and tomorrow will get property share, and as far as she has concerned about this kind of human, they will definitely demand house partition one day. Meanwhile, Imli comes and chooses ornaments for the entire family especially Aparna by taunting that Aparna has exhausted while carrying the weight of responsibilities, so something like an ornament will fit for her. Aparna gets shut because Imli replies to her hard and then she goes to her room, and extempore Aditya also comes there with a gift.

Then he gives her a precious gift by saying that she did not choose anything for her, so, therefore, he took this. But Malini gets frustrated to see it and breaks the glass to reduce her jealousy and anger because she doesn’t want to see them together. Meanwhile, says that no matter what happens but she will get him back and criticizes Imli. Therefore, she creates a conspiracy against Imli so that, she can send Imli away from their life forever because she does not want to see her near them. So do not miss streaming it on Starplus at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.



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