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Live Dance Deewane 3 (DD3) 2nd October 2021 Today’s Episode: Mumtaz Refuses To Grace The Show

Hey! you all must be wondering that what will be the latest theme of the your favorite dancing reality show and how will be the performances tonight. Well, here you will get to know about everything including behind the scenes and voting result as well of your favorite Dance Deewane 3. However, you must be in the swim about rumors but here is something that has created a buzz over the internet and everywhere and that is due to the guest who was about to come.

Well, as you read that the guest was about to come and as per the latest reports not coming. However, the real reason behind it is yet to confirmed but as per the reports it has read that due to high demand of charging amount it happened. Begin with the beginning Legendary actress or better say the all time Dive of Bollywood Mumtaz is not coming to grace the show however, her fans and the audience were super excited to watch the episode but perhaps they are not in the swim of this. As per the reports Mumtaz asked for a huge amount for her appearance which lead to this. The makers of the show denied to pay that amount saying it is too hefty for them, therefore they can’t afford this much huge.

Dance Deewane 3 Today’s Episode

You all must be thinking that what can be the amount for which production denied to get Mumtaz on the set. So, we would like to tell you that as per the sources the amount she asked for was in between 40 to 50 lakh for which production denied, however, the reports have also stated that denying her amount can cause a huge loss to Dance Deewane because it if she had come so it would be a history because it would be her first appearance on the national television in her entire carrier, so it is also to be said that production did a huge loss of their show and channel.

Well, coming to another spicy moment so there would be another guest and as per the promos Sonakshi and Rashi Sood can grace the show tonight with the enthusiasm. However, saying this won’t be bad that show must go on come rain or shine because people love performances and contestants more so tune in to Colors TV tonight at the right time to watch the all super amazing performances and stay tuned with us to read more behind the scenes kind of news in future.


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