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Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode 8th October 2021 Written Update: Rishabh Exposes Sherlyn & Prithvi

The 8th October 2021 episode of Kundali Bhagya begins where Srishti reaches Luthra’s house because she wants to talk to Preeta about the recent occurrences. Meanwhile, Preeta unleashes everything by saying that someone deleted Sherlyn and Prithvi’s video from her mobile, spontaneously Preeta asks her to arrange a recorded for her. Srishti arranges everything as the requirement and says that if someone does such things so everything will be recorded on the camera. At the same time, Kritika comes back home and asks Preeta about her phone call, and mentions if something is serious so she can tell her.

Another side, when Preeta crosses the corridor she sees that Rishabh is keeping some gifts in Kritika’s cupboard, and feels bad for Kritika. At the same time, when he comes out from the room spontaneously he sees that something is coming out from the pocket of Prithvi’s attire. He brings it out and says that why he carried Sherlyn’s earings and wonders that hence, her earings were disappeared. Then he goes to his room and asks Sherlyn about all these exploits which are going behind him. Sherlyn keeps on refusing that she does not have an affair with Prithvi, but Rishabh shows her ears.

Meanwhile, Rishabh says that if she has an affair so he will break his all relations with her for sure no matter what happens, Sherlyn remains shut after hearing this. Extempore says that he doesn’t want to look her near him under the same bedroom and asks to leave the place as soon as she can. After a while, he meets Preeta and apologizes for not believing her, and mentions that finally, Shelyn got exposed for having an extramarital affair with Prithvi as she said. Meantime, Karan takes place and finds his brother upset enough but does not ask anything.

In the previous episode, as the viewers have streamed that Kritika informs Rishabh that Preeta wants to meet him, as soon as possible because she has to talk to him urgently. When he meets Preeta, she reveals everything that Sherlyn and Prithvi have an affair and taking advantage of his goodness, first he does not agree with her but he also got the doubt that maybe Preeta could be right. Hence, he asks Prithvi and Sherlyn in his room and asks what is going on between the two, but they overturn the game and used it against Preeta. So do not miss watching it on Zee TV at 09:30 PM and for further details stay connected with us.


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