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Kumkum Bhagya Update Written Episode 7th August 2021: Pallavi Scolds Prachi


The recent episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with peon Harish instructing Abhi to arrange the files in the storeroom. Harish adds that the storeroom is in the basement and also says that Gautam had told him that Abhi manages Pragya madam’s work. Here, Pragya tells Gautam that she will only sign the papers once if gets thoroughly checked by the lawyer. Gautam asks her she doesn’t trust her business partner and is suspecting him. She says that it’s not that she doesn’t believe him but the papers have some issues so she doesn’t want to take risks.

Later, Gautam mixes something in Pragya’s coffee and insists she sign the papers. Pragya says that someone from her family has advised her to always check papers before signing. Then, Pragya picks the coffee and takes a sip. She asks him to leave the papers and that she will sign those papers later. Gautam leaves the place. On another hand, Rhea informs Pallavi that the prescription papers flew as the windows remained open. Pallavi fumes in anger hearing she lost the papers and scolds Rhea for being so irresponsible as she had promised her that she will keep those papers safe.

Dida watches Pallavi losing her calm. She tries to calm her down but the latter tells her that she cannot stay calm as those papers were really important. She adds that she cannot remain calm until Vikram gets better. Rhea asks Pallavi not to worry as she will call the doctor and ask them to send the prescription. Pallavi suggests her video calling the doctor and says that she should not disconnect the call. Meanwhile, Prachi comes there. She tells them that dad is alright as she has checked his blood pressure, temple, and sugar. Pallavi gets angry at Prachi and tells her that does she even know that Vikram missed his first dose of medicine.

Prachi tells Pallavi that she had given him the medicine on time. Pallavi continues to scold her saying she should have asked before giving any medicine to Vikram as the medicines deteriorated Vikram’s health. Pallavi calls Prachi illiterate and asks her how did she know that what kind of medicines should be given to Vikram. She tells them that she heard the nurse talking to the doctor and understood and explained the timings and slot when she gave him the medicines. Catch latest details of the show here.

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