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Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Written Update 14th Oct 2021 Episode Rhea and Ranbir Gets Intimate in Hotel

The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with, Rhea talking to Shaina where she asks her about the cups for serving tea, Shaina gives her the cup, and then both serve the tea to everyone where Rhea gives to Vikram, Sid and Pallavi and Shaina gives to Dida only. Ranbir puts the cup which is medicined. Meanwhile, Rhea says that first she will give the tea to her loving sister and Prachi appreciates it. Ranbir there asks her if Jiju is not having respect but Rhea does not reply to him and walks towards Prachi to give her the cup.

The next day, Abhi comes back home and yells at Aaliya shouting her name, she comes out and asks her what happened and why is he screaming like this. Abhi replies that “you will not work with Gaurav from now”. She asks why? He replies, he got to know that Gaurav stole the quotation so that he can play and file the tender just for defeating Pragya’s company. Aaliya asks him that who told him about this, he keeps quiet, she asks if it is Pragya itself. She then asks him if he is mad about what because Gaurav did not do it and why he always comes into his words trap. She then says “Pragya might have told you that I am also involved in this” He replies “did I say your name, you are taking from your own mouth”.

In the other scene, Prachi says to Ranbir that whatever he has done for her is just unspeakable because she is under the debt of it and will stay the same even for 7 births. He smiles looking at her, she continues to say that he accepted her and she is feeling blessed to have him or better say to be in his life and she always fears losing him, he smiles and says “I love you”. He says that he does not care if there is any flaw in her because he loves her and it matters a lot for him and then he says that she is perfect in every manner.

Heading towards the end you will watch, Rhea tries to get intimate with Ranbir in the hotel room but when they come back to the home Pallavi gets to know about it and she tells Rhea that she got to know about what she has done on the trip and she was not accepting this from her. Prachi comes there and asks Pallavi that what she did so she is fuming at her meanwhile Aaliya comes out of her room and tells her that Ranbir and Rhea both were together in a room and spent a night. It shakes her from toe to forehead, the episode ends here to stay connected with us to read more updates like this.


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