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Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2021 Written Episode: Gaurav Puts Abhi In The Ice Storage, Will Abhi Die?

As you all know that makers of Kumkum Bhagya are leaving no stone unturned to make the show more captivating and for this, they all are doing amazing work. So far we have watched that Abhi has reached the hotel where he beats Gaurav badly and even makes his goons faint off. Meanwhile, Pragya also reaches the hotel and gets worried thinking about Abhi. She steps towards the room while Gaurav’s father enters the room and saves Gaurav from Abhi’s anger.

Tonight’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with, Gaurav talking to Mahesh where he tells him not to go back to the room as it can be risky because Abhi is in anger and they just made him faint fraudulently, and perhaps he is looking for them in more danger. Mahesh tells him that they have to go inside the room because Gaurav’s phone had fallen inside the room and it is the only proof against him so they have to take that back anyhow. Gaurav says him that the only thing they should have to do is get rid of Abhi and then they will be thinking about the phone and proofs. Mahesh looks on, he asks him that what he is talking about.

Gaurav replies that he has planned everything to kill him and he wants to kill him without even hurting him. Mahesh asks him if he is planning to put him in suffocation till death. He replies that he just wanted to show the death to look natural and for this, he has confessed to Tanu that he will kill Abhi for sure. Mahesh asks him that why would Tanu let him execute the plan, he replies that Tanu is the worst fish of Pragya and Abhi’s pond and she doesn’t care about anyone because she is not loyal to anyone. Gaurav then tells him that he thought to take Abhi in the icing storage room so that it would be looking as he went there by mistake and died after the unbearable cold.

Mahesh appreciates his idea saying when did he get this evil mind. Gaurav then tells him that as there is an engagement party tonight so no one will come to the icing storage. Gaurav goes inside the icing storage and makes Abhi sniff the chloroform and says that he is about to die soon and comes out of the storage and tells Mahesh that it is basement storage so no one will come there. Mahesh then asks him to take revenge on Pragya too. The episode ends here to stay connected to get all the latest updates on the show.

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