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Kumkum Bhagya 6th October 2021 Today’s Written Episode: Prachi Goes To Banglore?

So far you watched that how Rhea is planning to cancel Prachi’s plan to come to Bangalore with them and for this she makes the plan. So here is the latest written episode of Kumkum Bhagya. So the latest episode begins with, Dida who is trying her best to send Prachi to the Banglore trip with Rhea and Aaliya, and Ranbir but Prachi denies saying that how can she leave her alone at the house and how will the work happen, Dida insists Pallavi let Prachi go with them because she is not a kid and the chores will go on without her as well after all used to happen before her arrival.

When Pallavi does not respond Dida says that if she is not allowing her to go with them so she will stop her. Pallavi replies “if you have talked to her and have decided so who am I to stop her and either she does not matter for me even if you send her for a month, I’m not going to stop her and not even to ask about her whereabouts”. Rhea comes towards the stairs and spreads the oil with help of some cotton. Pallavi calls her, Rhea gets scared for a moment she goes to her and asks that why she called her, Pallavi asks her, why didn’t she tell her if her friends came here.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

In the other scene, Tanu and Aaliya seem sweeping the hall while Sushma comes there and prases Mitali that she put them to the work. Mitali replies, this house is way bigger and when they entered the house there were flying but after some time they felt that owning a big house is only sounds good but when it comes to decorating and cleaning the house everything gets fussy. Tai Ji enters the scene and asks her if she starts to do the same, Mitali replies then they will become servants. Tanu comes and tells her that no one becomes the servant sweeping their own house. Then she looks at Aaliya and reminds her not to forget what they are in the house.

There, Prachi comes to Ranbir and serves the tea, he looks at her and takes the tea, she tells him about the oil on the floor. He asks her about the person who can do this, she does not reply but she asks if the tea is good because today she added something more to it. Ranbir nods smiling that tea is good and gets lost in the files, she goes and tells him, she is also coming with him to Bangalore. He asks her really… the episode ends here, stay tuned with us for more written episode updates.


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