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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd Dec 2021 Episode : Will Prachi Reach To Ranbir Before The Wedding


Undoubtedly, Kumkum Bhagya is gripping the audience even after so many episodes and no doubt makers are leaving no stone unturned to make it more interesting as compared before and as you all know that the show is turning hot in the terms of drama where Prachi and Ranbir are almost have gone so far but there is still hope that both can come closer again because it is one of the drama shows where anything can happen at any moment. So, here is tonight’s episode’s complete written update.

The episode begins with, Rhea recalling the time when Ranbir was making Prachi wear the ring and he left her at his mandap and expressed her hatred. She then keeps her hands on her eyes and thinks back to the time when Ranbir said to her that he will marry her. She then says that she has finally won Prachi, she says that she has changed the time and she has snatched everything from Prachi that she always wanted to keep and this time her happiness is touching the sky as it feels like she has won many years of her life. Rhea who is slew totally in her ego says that once the marriage will happen then she will totally rule Ranbir and will kick Prachi out of the house.

Meanwhile, Shaina comes there and tells her that Pallavi aunty is calling her for the Mahurat. There, Prachi says her driver not to stop the car on which her driver replies her that he must be hitting the bars if he does not stop the car, the driver then asks her if it is so urgent so she can call someone to come, she replies that she does not have her phone right now so the only thing she can do is reaching the place as soon as she can, she asks him about the time, driver replies it is 9 PM.

On the other side Ranbir gets ready for the wedding wearing Sherwani and calls Prachi, however soon he says himself not to repeat the shit. Meanwhile, Shiv comes there and asks him if he is fine, Ranbir nods and asks him that why he came, he replies that everyone is calling him downstairs for the wedding so he just came to deliver the message. He says him to go as he is coming, Shiv says that he was told to take him down so he can’t go alone without taking him, on the other side Prachi’s car has been damaged and the driver is checking the car, now at this time watching this is going to be so amazing that what will happen next. The episode ends here.



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