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Kumkum Bhagya 29th October 2021 Written Update: Pragya Accepts Gaurav’s Deal

The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya will begin with, Pragya and Sushma sitting together where she tells her that she told Abhi about Gaurav and he strictly told her not to give even a single penny to Gaurav. Sushma replies that Abhi is absolutely right and she takes his side saying that she should not give a penny to Gaurav and that too just to prove Abhi is innocent who has not done anything for which he is being blamed, she later says that they can’ t trust a snake in the terms of loyality.

There, Gaurav’s father asks him if Pragya game him whatever he demanded for, Gaurav replies that she did not give it yet but soon she will do after all she does not have any other option and if she does the mistake by not fulfilling his wishes than she will do the biggest mistake of her life. Back in the house, Sushma tells Pragya that she should stay away or stay alert of Gaurav because he can do anything and can go cheaper than they can think. Sushma stands saying that she is packing her bags but untill she comes back Pragya should not do anything that can result bad.

Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Written Episode

Meanwhile, Pragya gets a call from Gaurav and he says her that she has only time till 12 AM because after that he will leave. Pragya replies him to get all the papers ready and she is coming to sign all the deals, he replies that papers are already done and she just has to bring a pen to sign all the papers, Pragya says she is coming and hangs up the call . Gaurav smiles and says his dad that he will win now. He gets happy and calls Aaliya saying that Pragya has accepted all the deals and she is coming to sign the papers to name everything for him. Aaliya congratulates him and says that as she is coming to him so he should have to give all the proves to her.

He replies “Ofcourse, it was a deal and it will be done for sure”. Tanu says on call that as it is a deal so it means that he will give them shares of the property which he will get. Gaurav says that everything will happen as per the deal and they will get their shares. The episode ends here, stay connected with us to read more updates and what do you think, will Gaurav give them shares or will Pragya go to sign the papers.

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