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KumKum Bhagya 28th Sep 2021 Written Episode Update: Will Prachi and Ranbir’s Relation Spoil

The latest episode Of Kumkum Bhagya will resume the previous one where you will watch, Rhea seems to be a bit confused thinking that what should she wear and what should she pack. She looks towards her dress and makes weird faces and thinks that she should wear something more attractive and also shows her as a married one. She thinks back to her college time when every single person used to be so jealous of their love. She then says that it was her fault that she said him to trap Prachi in his love.

Rhea then again comes on her dress and says that she should go and purchase some new dresses and she goes for the same. There, Dida asks Pallavi if she is going to put all the blame for this on Prachi. Pallavi replies that if it is so then why Ranbir denied going out with her when she asked him. Dida asks her if Rhea denied it? Pallavi replies that Rhea does refuse but she agreed to their insistence. She replies that though she is not their daughter still she gives them all respect as compare to Ranbir. She then raises Vikram saying he said that he will take over the responsibilities of the office and said Ranbir to leave. Pallavi says that he only agreed just because Prachi was saying him otherwise he won’t nod at that time. Dida tells her that everyone has their own and different reason so in this she should be calm instead of being biased.

The other thing you all are going to watch tonight is, Rhea tells Prachi about her sadness, she tells her that one of her sisters snatched her love and her one mother did the same snatching but she snatched her father from her. There, Prachi fumes at Ranbir saying that she is breaking all the relations of her with him now, Ranbir replies that he is also not happy to stay with her and he hates her too and while screaming at her he says her not to show her face to him in his entire life.

Rhea gets teary eyes listing to Ranbir, Dida tells Pragya that she can bear anything but she just can’t see him in pain. While this drama goes on, Tanu overhears their conversation and smiles. So, there is no doubt that the episode is going to be so dramatic tonight so watch the show tonight at the right time and stay tuned with us to get all the latest written episode updates.

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