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Kumkum Bhagya 11th December 2021 Episode Written Update Prachi Molests Rhea


As you all know that the show called Kumkum Bhagya is turning another kind of twist and in the previous episode we watched the Inspector reaches out to Prachi and let her know that she has signed divorce papers and now she does not have any right on Ranbir, on which Prachi says that she never signed any kind of papers and when the inspector shows him those papers she tells him that neither she signed the papers nor the papers are the real one.

So, the episode begins with, Prachi asking the servant to bring her belongings that have been dropped outside, servant looks on, she replies to him not to think more as Ranbir is her’s and this is her room and no one can snatch it from her . Pallavi stars at her, she makes eye contact with her, and Ranbir there gets fed up with them and steps inside of the room. She says that she always considered this family as her own family and she just wanted some love from the family but every time the family proved her wrong and betrayed her so now she does not want them to control her. However, this makes Pallavi angry but she remains silent, Prachi then says to her that she will win the battle of her rights and no one can stop her to win the fight for her love.

Prachi then steps in and sees the decorated room and also the nuptial night decorated bed, she says Ranbir that they both together planned their world here and today he wants to make his another separated world and that too with someone else. He looks at her, she says him that he will be punished every day and she will teach him the lessons. Ranbir gets angry and steps out of the room and direct goes to the guests, he there asks them for forgiveness, everyone asks him that what happened, he replies that he is really sorry to say that no function is going to take place after now and everything has done, he asks them all the leave.

The biggest turn in the show you will watch is, tonight, Prachi orders Rhea to send a glass of water for her, Rhea looks at her, she says not to look because she has been tired of talking to her and now all she wants is just some rest. Prachi says her to go and get a glass of water because her throat is paining, Rhea asks her if she can press her throat. Prachi says her not to speak bull shit and if she really wants to do something then she can massage her legs and arms. The episode ends here, stay tuned to read more updates.



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