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Kritika Surprise Preeta & Karan


With interesting twists and turns, Zee TV’s serial Kundali Bhagya is all set to air another nerve-wracking episode. Today’s latest episode written update begins with Karan and Preeta crying. As Preeta has disclosed her pregnancy truth to Karan, the latter has gotten shattered. Preeta cries badly and asks him how will they tell the truth to everyone. Karan comforts Preeta and tells her that he takes the responsibility to inform everyone about the truth. Here, Prithvi gets scared and screams in fear. Later, he learns that it’s Sherlyn. Kritika begins to laugh after witnessing the hilarious scene.

Prithvi gets afraid thinking it might anger Sherlyn. He asks her not to laugh. Kritika tells him that she had come here to call him for the function. After Kritika leaves, Prithvi apologizes to Sherlyn for not her. After a while, he looks for Preeta and Karan. Whereas Kritika tries to ward off the evil eye by tieing the black thread around Sonakshi’s wrist. Kritika informs Prithvi that she had seen Preeta and Karan going upstairs. Kritika asks Shrishti not to worry much about them as they will sort it out while the latter is already sure that they must have patched up by now.

On another hand, Rakhi fumes in anger learning Karan became the reason for Preeta’s tears and thinks that she shouldn’t cry in these times. She decides to reprimand Karan but Bani stops her midway. Later, Kritika plans a special surprise for the love birds Karan and Preeta. She decides to sprinkle rose petals on them which will create love between them. Kritika goes to Anjana and asks her to help her in the execution of this plan. Here, bani suggests Kareena visit Karan and Preeta’s room and sort their differences.

In the next scene, Karan and Preeta finally come in front of the family making them relieved. Kritika and Anjana execute their plan and surprise the pair. Preeta notices Karan tensed behavior and feels bad for him. She thinks that she caused him such pain. Karan asks her not to worry about himself as he is just worried about her. He says that he couldn’t help her when she was suffering from a lot for the sake of her family’s happiness. He promises that he will bring happiness back in her life and thinks about revealing the truth to the family at the right time. Read Kundali Bhagya written update on our site.

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