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Karan Gets Preeta’s Pregnancy Truth


Today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Sarla. She suggests Preeta returning home and tells her that it would be better if she just discloses the actual truth to the family. Preeta listens to her advice and says that even she wants to tell the truth about her pregnancy but feels scared that the family might start hating her. Preeta continues that everyone has been showering her in love and care and they all seem so happy. She feels that she will ruin their happiness and tells Sarla how Kareena has started to love her as well.

Sarla tries to calm her down and tells her that she should walk on the path of truth and not worry as no one will hate her afterward. Preeta gets sad and says that the family will get shattered after knowing the truth that she is not pregnant. Sarla gets upset as well and asks her to accept her destiny. She says that if she is worried that much, she should wait for some time and then reveal the truth after they return home. While she was talking, Karan comes. Preeta immediately disconnects the call.

Karan notices that Preeta is upset. He asks her if she is bothered by any of his actions and even apologizes to her. Preeta feels guilty for keeping Karan in dark. Karan says that he will always take care of the baby and will make sure that she never gets hurt by his actions. He states that he will make his child a Footballer. Preeta gets upset and asks Karan to stop dreaming. She decides to tell him the truth. Karan gets confused. Preeta says that she cannot see him weaving false dreams and reveals that she is not pregnant. Karan gets stunned.

Here, Sherlyn manages to get Preeta’s medical report. Prithvi phones her and asks her about it. She says that she already knew the truth but wanted to crosscheck. Before she could check the reports, a bike passes by and splashes the mud all over Sherlyn. She gets annoyed. On another hand, everyone comes to know about Preeta being hurt and thinks that Karan must have done something. Rakhi worries about Preeta as she notices her crying. She thinks that it could affect her pregnancy and wonders what did Karan says to her to make her cry. Follow our site, Social Telecast, for Kundali Bhagya’s latest updates.

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