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Juhi and Manas Meets Purvi


At the beginning of the latest episode of Molkki, we will watch that Purvi goes to Chandni. Whereas Daksh is telling Virender that he has come up with all of his conditions. He points toward Purvi and says there is my Dhwani, meanwhile, some other stands at the place of Purvi. Virender asks if your fiance is wearing a white saree, Daksh replies yes and Virender appreciates the girl thinking that she is the fiance of Daksh. Chandni there asks Purvi to come to the hospital along with Daksh promptly. She informs Purvi that Nani has got an Asthama attack. Purvi calls Daksh and he rushes to her.

Veer assures Virender that Purvi and Dhwani are different girls. He further says that Purviji is not with us anymore and won’t come back to us. Veer says you have to accept this truth anyhow. Virender nods and thinks it has been 6 months since Purvi left us and now she won’t come back. Virender tells Veer that they will head up home tomorrow morning. Daksh is dropping Purvi at the school, but Purvi tells they should start this by tomorrow as Nani isnt well. But Daksh insure her that Nani is doing well now. Daksh says Nani even doesn’t want you to miss your first day at the school. Purvi leaves.

Purvi is approaching her class when Juhi and Manas noticed her and call her Haathi. Purvi hears the voices and gets bemused. Both the kids rush to her to hug her and starts asking numerous questions to her. Purvi is in dilemma and tries to calm them down. She says you must be mistaken, but Juhi says you are our Haathi, but Purvi is still in a fix. Manas tries to remind her that you are our Haathi, he is Gainda(Rhinoceros) and Didi is Khargosh(Rabbit).

They tell her that Virender is not well ever since you left the mansion. He is rude to everyone. Juhi says that you will have to meet Baba soon. Meanwhile, another teacher comes to them and asks Purvi if they are bothering her, Purvi denies and the teacher took them along with her. Both the kids plead with Purvi to come along with them. Purvi says that you are mistaken as she is not the one you are looking for. Manas and Juhi look at each other and thinks she unrecognizing them. Tune in to Colors Tv at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Molkki Written Update.

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