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Jasmine Tries To Impress Fateh


The latest episode of the show begins with, Jasmin and Tejo choosing their dresses to wear and gets a hairdo as Fateh loves. Both get ready just to impress Fateh, there he is also getting ready, while he sees Amrik and adores, Amrik replies that he is also looking good. Jasmine looks at him but he does not adore her and goes away. Fateh looks at Tejo and compliments her. She asks him if he is not forgetting something, he does not say anything and both leave.Both reach a restaurant where she says to him that he has a nice choice “ummmm Nice Choice Mr. Husband”. She apologizes to him and says that from now on neither she will ask anything nor she will doubt his choice after all she got a good one who loves her too much, She tightly holds his hand. He replies that it was not only her fault but he was also behaving strangely, he apologizes to her.

She says him to be happy and not to say sorry as just be in the moment and enjoy and feel it. She says that they have to learn so many things from each other, she says that as he has given her space and freedom so she should do the same, both laugh and says that now should do for what they are here. Jasmin also comes there along with Amrik and sees Tejo and Fateh at the same place.

After some time, Fateh and Amrik get into a verbal spat where Amrik jibes him and this makes Fateh angry. After getting the dispute down, Tejo asks Fateh what would he like to have in the meal. He says “just order whatever you want”. She orders Daal. Jasmin says that they used to order Chinese in their time. Tejo replies time has changed everything.

In the next scene, Tejo discusses with Amrik about joining the academy. Amrik replies “you should not talk to Fateh in such a way, don’t even think that you can’t interfere in my life”. She replies that how can she talk in this tone because she is also a part of this family, they again get into argument. Jasmine comes back and sees them fighting again. She asks Fateh what happen, he replies that Tejo is giving a lecture, she defends Tejo obviously as he is her husband. Fateh comes there meanwhile, Nimmo also gets there and says “wow it’s just a strange gathering here, present wife, Ex-girlfriend, she asks Amrik what are you doing here?” Tejo asks her, how are you Nimmo, she replies good as Jasmin. The episode ends with some more drama so watch it tonight at the right time.



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