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Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s 18th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Jnanamba’s Conspiracy Gets Spoiled


Hey readers, we are back with the 18th August 2021 updates of Janaki Kalaganaledu, so the coming episode is bringing many unexpected twists. Where Mallika finds Janki disappears from the factory and gets worried because it could be dangerous for her. Hence, she decides to inform Jananamba, because now she can only get help from them. Meanwhile, Janki thanks to Ramchandra for being with her in a hard time when she needed someone. At the same time, Ramchandra gives her a pen that her father gave him, because it’s her right to take it back from him.

Then he makes her understand that Jaanu wants to become an IPS officer and therefore he is doing his all efforts to fulfill his dream at any cost, no matter what happens. Another side, Janki is getting happy to think that Ramxchandra has met her parent on the boat which is quite amazing. Because she wants the same and finally, it happened in the way she used to pray to god, in short, her dream has come true. Through which her happiness has no bounds, so she enjoys everything because she is getting such an amazing feeling which she did not feel before.

Later, Ramchandra takes her to the nearest temple and asks her to do such things that will show the consequences early like their thinking. Then Jaanu wishes to see Jnanamba and Ramchandra see together forever, no matter what type of circumstances come ahead in front of them but they will have to deal with all consequences together. But Ramchandra wants different than this, therefore he says that before all that Janki should achieve her goal because it’s her first priority, and everyone wants it. But he does not unleash it and inwardly talks to himself.

After a while, Mallika sees Jnanamba going towards her house and informs her about Janki that she has misplaced from the Factory. Meanwhile, she expresses her about her, because it’s not good if she gets misplaced. Further, she says that from the evening Janki disappeared from the Factory which is a matter of thinking. At the same time, Jnanamba gets suspicious when she is unable to find Janki in the factory, and wonders that it seems quite strange. Because she does not expect that and decided to escape them together on the spot, so now it’s interesting to watch, will they escape or be caught. So watch it at the correct time and for more details stay connected with us.



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