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Ishqi Handles The Situation 3rd August 2021 Episode


In the latest episode of Ishk Par Zor Nahin, we are watching that Ishqi asks when she said that Ahaan didn’t inform me about anything. She says Ahaan told me everything, Ishqi further says that she didn’t want to share anything. Ahaan backs Ishqi and says she is saying right. Riya was stunned hearing this, she says that she thought Ahaan would inform Ishqi. Chachi is just impressed by Ishqi and says you are right. Ishqi suggests Riya going home and have some rest. Kartik says to Riya that she will take her home, but Raj says that he will take care of it.

Riya returns home and Radhika asks what is going on. Riya says everything we planned got screwed down. Radhika asks If Ishqi doesn’t get a stunning hearing that you are up the buff with Ahaan’s baby. Riya replies that no she shocked me instead. Radhika says this girl always manages to turn the tables. Radhika says but we can’t lose Ahaan at any cost. Ishqi there is sobbing in his room and Kartik comes after her to console her. Sonu comes and taunts Ahaan that you always talk about the prestige of this family what happened now. Sonu says that you should have informed us about all that. She further says that you cheated Ishqi.

Kartik is trying to handle Ishqi, she says that she is fine now you can leave now. Kartik says I am here only for you. She says do whatever you want to do with Ahaan you’re supposed to do that. Ishqi says that she is afraid if Ahaan leaves me for Riya. Meanwhile, Ahaan enters the room and asks if she is out of her mind. Kartik says he knows that he has betrayed you. He then pleads Ishqi not to leave her. He apologised to Ishqi and they both cry.

Dadi there says that Ishqi won’t leave Ahaan, but she is sure that Ahaan will apologise to her. Chacha says that Ishqi supposes to be angry with Ahaan on this. Both Chacha and Chachi are supporting Ishqi in front of Ishqi. Dadi then says that it is Ahaan’s child in Riya’s womb and he has to accept his child no matter what. Kartik overhears everything and inwardly talks that Daddy will move heaven and earth to separate Ishqi from Ahaan and now she also takes advantage of Riya’s pregnancy. Tune in to Sony Tv at 9:30 PM today and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any Ishq Par Zor Nahin Written Update.

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