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Ishq Par Zor Nahin 16th August 2021 Written Episode: Savitri Slams Durga Devi


The coming episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin begins where Daddy is getting happy because her plan is working through which, Differences have taken place between the two. But she is making another conspiracy against her and therefore she is taking Ishqi to the mental hospital so that, she can make her inject with some medicines. As same as Ahaan is also making a plan for collecting some information about Ishqi with Kartik, and when they reach the Asylum they come to know that there is no patient is admitted whose name is Ishqi.

Then Ahaan gets worried because he knows that Ishqi will get the last injection here and before all that, he has to find her. Hence he takes Doctor’s attire with Kartik and starts finding her, so that, he can make her release from there. After a while, he reaches into the room and gets shocked to see, so now you would like to know that what he saw in the room. At the same time, Savitri goes to Ahaan’s residence angrily and asks Durga Devi to come outside as soon as possible because she wants to get her answers.

After a while, Ahaan’s arrival takes place and he asks Savitri why she is shouting here and what is the reason to come here. Meanwhile, she asks him about Ishqi but he replies that he doesn’t know about her location and if she came here to find her so she is wrong. Spontaneously Durga Devi comes out and when Savitri sees her anger goes at its peak. Durga Devi gets scared to see Savitri because it’s the first time that she is seeing Savitri in this avatar. Savitri warns her that whatever she is doing that is not good enough.

Then Savitri starts interrogating her and asks where is Ishqi but Durga Devi does not say anything, but Savitri keeps on accusing her by saying that she knows whenever someone tries to expose her, she makes that person disappear. Ahaan keeps on seeing both of them because Dadi is not saying anything, then Savitri goes from there. Meanwhile, Kartik makes a call to Ahaan and says that Tai Ji came here to find Ishqi at the same time, Ahaan’s sister comes to him and makes him understand that he does not take such a decision under someone’s influence. So do not miss to watch it on Sony Television at 09:30 PM and for more details connect with us



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