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Ishq Par Zor Nahi 13th August 2021 Written Episode & Spoilers Alert


In the latest episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin, we are watching that Ahaan comes to Kartik and says we are still at the same place. Kartik tells him to rectify his mistake and try to figure out why Ishqi agreed to divorce him. He further says that you love Ishqi and she loves you even more. Kartik says Dadi compelled her to sign the divorce papers. Ahaan says I won’t conceal her things anymore. Ahaan says Ishqi ruined everything, Daddy isn’t at fault. Ahaan further says Ishqi doesn’t matter for me anymore and leaves.

Chachi goes to Daddy and says what did you get by spoiling their life, she further says can’t you see anyone happy around you. Dadi lashes out at her, meanwhile, Chacha comes and asks what is going on. Dadi says asks his wife, Chachi tries to handle the things, but Chachi says she won’t go anywhere today and confronts Dadi. Chachi says she is playing with us like puppets, she just wants to move us on her gestures. She provokes Ahaan and Sonu against Savitri. She even tries to instigate Kartik against me. Daddy gets crossed and raises her hand on Chachi, but Chacha saves her.

Chachi asks Chachi to let her slap me, the children of this house are aware and habitual of how women are being treated in this house. She says you all boast off of your prestige and slaps your daughter-in-law in rooms. Dadi says she knows that Ishqi is provoking all of you. Savitri there is expostulate Ishqi for her doing, she says you are risking your life, Savitri says you are risking your life either. She tells Ishqi Ahaan never believes me. Chachi there decides to tell Ishqi everything and calls her. Ishqi says isnt the right time.

Riya calls Ahaan the next morning and asks him to on the television. He does the same and sees that Ishqi comes live on media and says that she will expose Ahaan and his family. Ahaan is stunned to see her and thinks is she mad or what? Maasi and Savitri ask what is she trying to do, Ahaan won’t believe you if you ruin his family’s prestige. Ishq says she knows what is she doing and she will end up exposing Dadi. Catch the complete episode on Sony Tv at 9:30 PM. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more Ishq Par Zor Nahi Written Update.



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