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Intinti Gruhalakshmi Written Update 18th August 2021 Episode: Ankita Finds Prem’s Diary


The Telugu serial titled “Intinti Gruhlakshmi” is winning hearts with its exceptional way of storytelling. Based on a housewife who dedicates her entire life to taking care of her family needs, realizes that she is being taken for granted and decides to set her independent identity, the show entertains a mass audience on the weekdays. Talking about today’s written episode update of the daily soap, it starts with Prem. He makes a plan to find out what has been going around Shruti’s mind and how he feels about him. He decides to write a love poem for her in his diary.

However, the plan fails as Ankita comes to find out about the diary. She reads it and gets angry. Ankita fumes in anger and tears the pages. Here, Prem thinks that Shruti has found the diary and gets excited to know about her feelings. They even make love but Prem gets stunned thinking Shruti didn’t even care to mention the diary to him. He gets extremely upset with her. Shruti gets confused and wonders what could be bothering Prem. She asks him about it. Prem tells her that he is upset as she didn’t say anything even after reading the diary.

Shruti looks at him being confused and asks what even is he talking about. Shruti says that she doesn’t know about any diary. Prema feels apologetic for slamming Shruti when she hadn’t even read the diary. He apologizes to her. Though, Prem wonders if it wasn’t her, who could be the person who read his diary and that particular love poem that he wrote specifically for Shruti. Here, Ankita collects the torn pages of the diary and sets it ablaze. She fumes thinking Prem falling for a maid like Shruti.

On another side, Lasya gets emotional after finding out about her hidden fixed deposit. Tusli arrives and asks Lasya if she liked her gift. She taunts for being the reason for her going through such a big loss. Tulsi tells Lasya that because of her she lost three lakh rupees and nags her constantly. She announces that she will take revenge on Lasya as she has caused her huge loss. Tulsi says that her time will also come and then she will prove her worth and will teach her a lesson as well. For more written updates of Star Maa serial Intinti Gruhlakshmi updates, stick to the social telecast.

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