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Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 13 & 14 Release Date Time Review Online

After the huge success of Squid Game, people are slightly drifting towards the K-dramas. Although the craze about Asian dramas has always been there, viewers have started to give even more attention to the shows now. One such South Korean drama that is getting a huge response from the fans is “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”. The spectators have hooked to the edge of their seats to watch the episodes of the Netflix drama. So far, 12 episodes have been premiered on the streaming platform and now, the fans are eagerly waiting for the Episode 13 & Episode 14 release date and time. Check the details here.

The romantic comedy has entered the penultimate week of its broadcast. However, the series is showing no signs of halting down. It’s very rare for a Korean drama to release more than 12 episodes and since the makers of the series are still continuing with the release of episodes, it can be said that viewers are loving the show. In episode 12, it was shown that the power couple relaxed together on the beach. However, later, that night, Du-Sik had a nightmare where his conscience asked him if he even deserved happiness. Later, Du-Sik learns about Hye-Jin’s bucket list for things she wants to do.

The power couple decides to go on a date to Seoul over the weekend. Besides, there could be another love story blossoming between Eu-Cheol and Mi-Seon after the former confessed his feelings for the latter. No doubt, that the episodes are getting quite interesting every passing day and it is attracting plenty of viewers. The upcoming episodes are likely to focus on the emerging pairs and how the main lead’s love story moves further. The chemistry between the actors is another thing that has managed to garner such good responses from the viewers.

Talking about Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 13 and 14 release date, the makers will premiere the new episodes on October 9th and October 10th respectively. Besides, the time will vary according to a person’s region. The new episodes can be watched on South Korean network tvN at 9 PM KST (Korean Standard Time). It will also be streamed on different streaming platforms such as Netflix. You just have a subscription to watch the latest episodes of the series. You must not be aware that this Korean drama has managed to get into Netflix’s Top 10 list this year and is only behind the current sensation Squid Game. Follow for more updates!


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