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Granny Chooses Purvi Daksh’s Life Partner


The coming episode of Molkki begins where Purvi comes out with Daksh but Virendra has left the place too and says that she saw the same that has her scarf. Meanwhile, Daksh informs her that tomorrow he has to go to the Temple because his granny is also coming there. Because After worship she will go to her residence, therefore the next morning he goes to meet her granny and informs her that he is happy. But his granny assures that she came here to choose a perfect life partner for him because she knows how bad he is in choosing something.

After a while, both reach the house and meanwhile granny asks him about Purvi and she enters while wearing the saree, in short, she takes traditional attire. Granny gets glad to see Purvi in ​​such a traditional attire and her happiness has no bounds because Purvi is the same girl whose she wants to select for Daksh as a life partner. Meantime, Purvi takes blessings of granny as a good human being and says that it is our sentiments to touch the feet of our elders, so that, they can give their blessings to their younger.

Then Daksh informs Purvi that his granny likes her a lot as she can see her gestures, she says that it’s not like this as he is thinking. Because Purvi knows why she is passing such gestures at the same time, she makes him familiar that outside in the temple she helped granny. Then she asks him to go to the office by saying that she will bring Purvi later, do not worry but he should not waste his time here. At the same time, she says that now Daksh does not need to take care of her because Purvi is here.

At the same time, Daksh says that it’s not good to change the party extempore but granny asks him to not feel jealous, and he leaves place while informing Purvi to take care of granny. On another side, Manas asks Virender to organize a small trip because he wants to see India Gate, but Virender tells him to finish the meal first without saying anything. Spontaneously Veer arrives there and asks Virender what happened and makes him understand that Purvi was not there. But somewhere he gets suspicious that she was Purvi and wants to find it. So do not forget to watch it on Colors at 10:00 PM and for more details connect with us.



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