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Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein 21st August 2021 Written Episode: Sai & Samrat’s Conversation


Shivani and Pakhi get into a heated argument in today’s episode of Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein. Shivani tries to make Pakhi understand that ego ruins people’s lives. She says that Samrat was against marriage but after meeting her, he decided to get married. Shivani continues that after learning her truth, he didn’t humiliate her or anything and just left her life quietly. Pakhi gets angry and asks Shivani why Samrat didn’t question her before marrying her. He should have known that everyone has a past and just like a normal person he could have just asked her about it.

Ashwini comes with juice. Pakhi asks her not to act well in front of her. Ashwini tells her to move on and not to continue to curse her life any further. Ashwini says that she is the reason why there are differences between Sai and Virat. Pakhi gets shocked and asks how could she be responsible when Virat acted the way he wants earlier and she didn’t influence him. Shivani comes and says that the way she talks to Sai shows her jealousy and hatred towards her. Pakhi asks them if they are convincing her to refuse to sign the divorce papers.

Shivani suggests Pakhi talking to Samrat once before deciding anything. Here, Sai tries to convince Samrat to stay in the house as everyone loves him a lot. He tells her that he needs to help the orphanage children so cannot stay here and also adds that he will apologize to his mother. Sai asks Samrat to talk to Pakhi once. Samrat says that the Chavan family and Virat is fortunate to have her in their lives. Sai tells him that their marriage is just a compromise. Samrat gets curious and asks about it. Meanwhile, Virat comes there and listens to their conversation.

Samrat asks sai if she doesn’t have any feelings for Virat. Virat waits to hear her answer as he wanted to ask her plenty of times. Though Sai’s reply disappoints him as she states that she feels nothing for him and she thinks of someone who helped her and knows that Virat likes someone else. Samrat asks her till when she is planning to live like this. Sai answers that they will live like a husband and wife until her education gets completed. Virat gets shattered. Stay connected with us to know the further story of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein (GHKKPM).

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