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Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein (GHKPM) Written Episode 9th October 2021 Update: Virat Avoids Meeting Sai

In Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein written update of 9th October 2021, Ashwini shatters after seeing Sai in the ICU room. Here, Pakhi worries about Virat as he has not eaten anything since morning. She goes to the cafeteria to bring something for him. Pakhi purchases two green tea and gets shocked seeing Samrat there. He asks her whom did she buy the tea for. Pakhi says that she bought it for him and asks him to sit. Samrat tells her that Devi’s condition is not good as she keeps worrying about Sai.

Later, Samrat asks Pakhi if she liked green tea as he knew that she liked coffee. Pakhi panics and tells him that she didn’t like it earlier but likes it now and thinks of Virat who likes it. On another side, Pulkit tells Virat that he will allow him to enter Sai’s room as she doesn’t want him to create any drama. Pulkit threatens him and says if he tried to create any drama, he will be thrown out of the hospital. Virat gets angry and asks him not to insult him anymore. Virat asks him to update him on Sai’s health regularly as he will not enter her room if she doesn’t want it.

Pulkit gets shocked and asks Virat if he is sure about it. Virat nodes. Pulkit asks Virat to think why did Sai meet with an accident. Virat says that the only thing he knows is that Sai doesn’t like being around him and decided to leave the house as there are differences in their relationship. Virat adds that he is not sure what happened next. Here, Pakhi returns home. Ninad questions her about Sai’s health condition. She tells him that Pakhi is doing fine but she is still unconscious. Then, Ninad asks Pakhi if Sai is out of danger.

Pakhi looks at Ninad and tells her that she can’t answer that question. Ninad tells Pakhi that she wanted to visit the hospital but Samrat stopped her. Pakhi tells her that there is no use in going there as Sai has not woken up yet. Shivani also asks Pakhi why did she return when everyone is still there. Pakhi says that she can’t just stay in the hospital to show she cares for Sai and adds that Sai will not believe it either so she returned. Here, Virat tells Pulkit how Sai always cared for his family when his family didn’t even accept her. Follow for Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein more updates.

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