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Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein GHKPM Latest Episode 6th August 2021 Written Update: Pakhi Gets Jealous


The upcoming episode of Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein Begins with Sai and Virat entering the honeymoon suite. After a while, Sai wonders where did Virat go and thinks that she wanted to meet other officers in the resort too. Here, Virat calls Sunny and tells him that he has gotten into huge trouble as Sai wants to meet other department officials and their wives and asks him what kind of idea he gave to him. Sunny says that he just wanted him to unite with Sai. Virat angrily asks him to help him.

Sunny asks him to stay quiet and think about the money when he had met with Sai for the first time. He asks him to recall the old moments when he had bickered with Sai and even had got into romantic moments. Virat feels relieved and thanks him for being his best friend. On another hand, Sai just comes out of the washroom. She gets scared seeing the lizard. Virat also comes. He teases her for being afraid of a lizard as if she has seen a crocodile. Sai tells him that they both belong to the same family. However, the lizard becomes the cause of a romantic scene between the pair.

As the lizard moves forward, Sai falls on the bed along with Virat. They look at each other for a while. Sai asks Virat to shoo the lizard away. There, Pakhi enters Virat and Sai’s room. She gets sad thinking she can only enter the room when they are not present. Pakhi begins to feel the bed and the pillows imagining Virat there. Later, she finds a hair clip under the pillow. It makes her angry and she throws the clip with a force. Then, Pakhi hugs one of Virat’s shirts. Meanwhile, Ashwini enters the room.

Pakhi gets scared and hides somewhere in the room. Ashwini notices the open cupboard and closes it gently. Then, her gaze falls upon Sai and Virat’s photo. She smiles saying the couple will celebrate their wedding anniversary tomorrow. Pakhi hears it and feels jealous. In the next scene, Virat waits for Sai and prays that no obstacle comes along his way to surprise Sai. Virat gets mesmerized seeing Sai wearing a black Saree. Sai asks him if they are heading to meet other officers. Virat gets annoyed. Sai says that she will call DIG and ask about their location.



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