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Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar Mein 28th August 2021 Written Episode: Virat Shouts At Sai


The latest episode begins with Ninad questioning Samrat if he still believes that Pakhi and Virat feel for each other as they have gotten married. Bhavani asks him not to ask such questions as the past should remain in the past. She says that Samrat has forgotten all of that after he got married to Pakhi and his leaving this house is not related to that. Samrat says that he does have a reason and adds that he misses them all. Bhavani says that they won’t let him go anywhere now as Pakhi has changed herself and has fulfilled her duties truly.

Sonali asks Samrat to not mind Pakhi speaking to Virat as it shouldn’t bother him. She says that Sai overreacted and that she shouldn’t insult Pakhi like this. Samrat justifies Sai’s anger and says she has all the right to get angry at her. He adds that he understands her situation as they are in the same boat. Bhavani interrupts and tells him that Virat is also getting transferred while he is also leaving the house. She asks him to think about his family as to how will they bear their two sons leaving the house. Omkar says that Virat really loves his Jiva as he was waiting for him to come back soon.

Samrat asks Omkar not to mention their names together as relationships have gotten changed now. Next, Samrat asks the family members not to pressurize Pakhi in deciding what she wants otherwise he will leave the house right away. In another scene, Sai asks Virat to have breakfast but the latter drops the bowl and shouts at Sai. He asks her to stop caring for him but she tells him that he is ill right now and needs her. Sai thinks that Virat never treated her this way.

Sai recalls Virat saying he will end their relationship and show a new face to her. She thinks that he has found the person with whom he wants to spend his life. Sai decides to leave the house when Virat will inform him about that person. Sai wipes her tears off and thinks that it was meant to happen as she is not the person, Virat wants to live with. Sai decides to smile. Samrat asks her the reason for being all smiley and asks if she is hiding pain underneath. Later, Samrat advises Sai to think about her and Virat’s relationship seriously and to forget the commitment that Virat had made to Pakhi.

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