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Fateh Breaks Up With Jasmine


The upcoming episode starts where Fateh brings Jasmine to the Academy and says that he can not betray Tejo because it is inappropriate enough, and whatever mistakes he has made he will improve them all. Meanwhile, she asks her to end this relationship as soon as possible because he has a wife and there is no meaning to carry forward this extramarital affair. At the same time, mentions that he will try to forget her and if Jasmine also does something like this then it will be good because their love is not so important that anyone’s life should be lost.

Then Jasmine makes Fateh understand that Tejo is not dead, she is absolutely fine, so why he is doing all this, despite knowing that it will hurt Jasmine a lot. Meanwhile, mentions that no matter what happens but she will carry forward their relationship and never let anyone come between them. After hearing this kind of derogatory remark Fateh’s anger gets increased, and he his rage by saying that being a sister of Tejo how could she pass such remarks. further says that the problem of Jasmine is that she does not want to understand anything about anyone and at the same time, decides never to meet Jasmine.

After a while, Fateh leaves the place but Jasmine is thinking that whenever Fateh’s anger will reduce he will come to her definitely. But 2 days get passed but he did not make any call to Jasmine and did not send even a single message. Hence, Jasmine gets trepidation because after so many attempts she got Fateh back but now the circumstances have overturned totally again. Another side, Fateh is getting closer to Tejo because he wants to make her happy and does not want to give her any stress.

After that, Tejo sends Fateh Academy because it’s too important for him because many students are waiting for him. Jasmine also gets to know this and decides to meet Fateh so that, she can ask him why did not he call her. When she enters his cabin she gets shocked to see Amrik even he gets amazed, but Jasmine makes an excuse that she was passing the Academy and saw his bike hence, she came to meet him. Amrik unleashes everything about Fateh and Tejo and she feels jealous to hear all this. So do not forget to watch it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details connect with us.



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