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Edens Zero Episode 20 Spoilers Release Date and Time


The Japanese Manga series is all set to release Edens Zero Episode 20. Written by Hiro Mashima, it is a Science Fantasy series that takes the readers to a different world. So far, 19 episodes or chapters have been premiered and has gained good responses from all around. Now, the fans are eagerly waiting for the new episode to get telecasted. Without any delay, let’s find out the crucial information of the anime such as release date, time, spoilers, preview and a quick recap and summary of last episode 19 in this article.

Due to its engaging storyline, the series is quite popular among fans. The story surfaces around a boy named Shiki Granbell whose adventures throughout the space are shown. Being raised on a different planet by the great demon king, he possesses some majestic powers. The story moves forward as he begins his search for the cosmic goddess named “Mother” across several planets. The previous episode 19 had featured Shiki’s journey to the sun jewel planet to find the four shining stars. Though they find three, Valkyries are yet to be found. The viewers even got to witness a glimpse of Valkyries as well.

Now, episode 20 will double the adventure and fun as it will be released on August 21, at 1:25 PM JST. The readers can stream the latest episodes on several platforms including iqiyi, Bilibili, and Hulu. However, it is expected that the English dubbed version will also be released on Netflix on the 26th to provide the international viewers with a dose of entertainment as well. The ep 20 will begin with Shiki making it to the distant planet along with his crew. Shiki will reach the planet of time to watch the time oracle. It was the time oracle who had informed them about the potential location of the missing star Valkyrie.

Undoubtedly, the new episode of the Japanese Manga series will reach the expectations of the viewers as it contains all the interesting elements crucial to hook an individual. It might feature the revelation of some mysteries surrounding the ship. The episodes have been digitally published in a total of six languages ​​and have garnered huge popularity from the fandom. The first volume of Edens Zero was released on September 14, 2018, by Kodansha while it has been running originally from 27th June 2018 to the present time. Get all the latest information on the Manga series on Social Telecast by staying connected.



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