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Dhindora Episode 5 Review BB Ki Vines Bhuvan Bam Series Episode 6 Release Date Time

Hey, folks so finally Bhuvan Bam’s Dhindora has dropped its 4th episode on Youtube and the video is creating a buzz everywhere and it all seems just as per the expectations because after 3 episodes people were to know about the release date of the 4th episode but as it is here so you can watch it on YouTube and here you will get to know about what the story is keeping itself and here you will also get to know about Dhindora Episode 5 Release date.

Well, the 4th episode of Dhindora has been released on the 5th of November 2021 on Thursday, and undoubtedly saying this just can’t be bad that this episode will tickle you badly and also will bring some thrill in it. However, the 4th episode named “Saste Sherlock” will remind you all of the previous videos of YouTuber Bhuvan Bam because in this there will be Jasoos who always says “20 Rupee doge to bataunga” meanwhile, on the other side you will watch the gangster “Maa Ki Chu” and the main and most loved character of BB Ki Vines “Titu Mama” will also appear in the episode so it is just expected that how rocking and amazing the episode is going to be.

Dhindora Saste Sherlock Episode Preview

The episode begins with a flashback with Mr. Hola and the scene starts where Fameer, Bencho, and Bhuvan are sitting on the roadside thinking who can do the accident. Suddenly the detective comes and says that he knows about the man who did that accident, he shows them the man and the scene goes to a godown where Titu Mama has been tied on a seat, meanwhile, he gets a call from Janki who tells her that they Bablu won the lottery of worth 11 Crore and the kidnapper frees him saying he will take every single penny now.

So, it has seen that the level of excitement of Bhuvan’s audience is just super excited to know about the release date of the 5th episode and there is no doubt the 5th episode of Dhindora is going to be so amazing and it just hit you for a six. As per the current sequel of all the episodes, it is to be confirmed that Dhindora’s 5th episode will release on the 11th of November where the fun and thrill will be doubled. So stay tuned and watch the Saste Sherlock of Dhindora and hit the comment box what you love the most in the episode, stay tuned to get more YouTube news.


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