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Check Nevertheless Episode 10 Release Date Time & Spoilers Preview


The popular Netflix South Korean television series nevertheless is nearing its last episode. After delivering nine entertaining episodes, the makers are all set with the season’s finale episode 10. The viewers who were hooked with the series from the beginning are eager to find out the destiny of the lead characters Yu Na Bi and Park Jae Eon. Will the pair end up together in the finale? Will Na Bi choose Do-Hyeok in the end? The suspense has been killing the devoted followers of the k-drama. Well, take a look at the spoilers, release date and time of the series.

Though the k-drama had not taken the country into a storm, the series has been gaining a decent stream. Episode 10 has been scheduled to be released on August 22 that will kill the curiosity among the fans. It will be dropped on JTBC Channel while the international viewers would be able to watch the series on Netflix as well. Similarly to other Korean series or dramas, it also features two main characters falling in love with each other. However, the characters do get attracted towards each other in the beginning but the love part comes later.

Well, JTBC has not released any spoilers of episode 10, it is speculated that Na-Bi and Jae-Eon will end up together as they will be seen having one to one talk about their feelings for one another. The pair have been keeping things inside their hearts for so long while the misunderstanding and difference continued to get formed between the two. The episode might feature the lead pair sorting their differences out as they realize their true feelings for each other. While the other lead Do-Hyeok will give up on his first love and understand that Na-Bi only belongs to Park Jae-Eon.

Though there are also speculations that similarly to the webtoon, the series might not have a happy ending as Na-Bi will choose Do-Hyeok while Jae-Eon will head America for his further studies. It is expected that the Korean series will return with season 2. Besides, the viewers are also interested in SolJiwan to know if they get their own happy ending or not. Moreover, the release date of episode 10 of nevertheless has been finalized as it will drop on Saturday, August 22. The series features Song Kang and Han Soo Hee as the lead characters. Watch the season’s finale and stay tuned to this space for more information.



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