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Barrister Babu Written Episode 11th October 2021 Update: Chandrachur’s Truth Comes Out


Today’s Barrister Babu written update starts with Bondita calling Chandrachur. The latter laughs and says that he had planned something different in the sword fighting competition. He adds that he had even added some sort of chemicals in the gifts sent by Bondita to Anirudh. Chandrachur tells Bondita that he wanted her to be blamed for that. Chandrachur further continues that he failed miserably in winning her heart but he decided to win her body instead. He says that he couldn’t tolerate that she has gotten closer to Anirudh and adds that on Kaalratri, he had gone to her room to make her his.

Bondita gets angry and asks him to keep quiet as she doesn’t want to hear anything. She says that it was good that Anirudh managed to reach there at the right time and saved her from his evil intentions. She says that she knows he had run to save his life. Chandrachur nods and says that she is saying right and tells her that Anirudh started to follow him and even shot him which resulted in him falling off the cliff. Chandrachur says that he didn’t die though as someone has saved him.

Barrister Babu 11th Oct

Chandrachur tells Bondita that he has sent another person’s dead body and had put his belongings upon it so that it looks like it’s his body. He says that he wanted Anirudh to face consequences for his murder charges. He says that Anirudh will get punished to death and then his body and soul will get peace and calm. Bondita cries and says that he is so evil and that he shouldn’t have done this. She says that Chandrachur is cheating on his wife. Chandrachur asks her if she is talking about that ugly Tupur and adds that she is just a puppet for him.

Bondita begins to badmouth him. Chandrachur loses his calm and was about to raise his hands on her when Anirudh comes. He holds Chandrachur’s hands and says that he shouldn’t raise his hands on any woman or else he will twist his hands. Chandrachur gets shocked seeing him there. Bondita reveals the identity of the people standing there that include an inspector, judge, and senior inspector. Chandrcahur laughs and says that they still can’t do anything as he is in Dhaka. Bondita tells him that he is in Bengal’s Raniganj and the market is given the look of Dhaka. For Barrister Babu more updates, follow us.

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