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Barrister Babu 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita Catches Chandrachud Red-Handed

The 6th October 2021 episode of Barrister Babu begins where Trilochan and Thakurmaa are pretending like concern about Binoy’s condition, so that, Bondita can convince by them and Anirudh can come soon to the Roy Chaudhary mansion. Because they have only this way to make him release and hence, they are taking support of Binoy’s health condition, despite knowing that it is inappropriate enough. Meanwhile, they ask Bondita to chant goddess Durga’s mantra so that, her divine power can protect Anirudh unless he gets released from jail, Bondota wonders that why they are behaving like this.

At the same time, Trilochan wonders that once Bondita gets busy chanting then he will make sure Anirudh’s bail, and the case will be removed as well. It seems that he is making plans along with Thakurma so that, Anirudh can save from the sentence of death. Meanwhile, Bondita makes Anirudh acquainted with Tupur’s truth that how she is creating the confusion. Because nowadays she is going to meet someone who is an integral part of her conspiracy but she is not understanding that what is the need behind it. Spontaneously says that as far as she has concerned Tupur could be involved in these exploits.

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Meanwhile, Anirudh guides her on what to do now against Tupur he makes her understand that she should agree to the worship as Trilochan and Thakurma said. Because Tupur knows all activities whose she is taking advantage of as well, so without any ado now she should create such circumstances in which, Tupur will get stuck. Bondita agrees and says that he is right because now she will have to make her trap into her conspiracy. After a while, Bondita goes home and starts worshiping. Meanwhile, Tupur sees and wonders that now she will not change her place.

After a while, Tupur leaves the place for “Goddess Kali Temple” where Chandrachud is staying these days, as an imposter. Bondita follows her and sees that Tupur is talking to someone like an “Aghori” but she is not understanding that about whom they are talking about. Hence, she picks a snake and throws it between the two so that, they can surround by the strange activity. As soon as the snake takes place between the two she addresses him as Chandrachud, and after hearing this, Bondita gets shocked because she did not expect it at all. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 08:30. and for further details stay connected with us


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