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Barrister Babu 23rd August 2021 Written Episode: Anirudh Protects Bondita


The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu will begin where Tupur saves Anirudh’s life while distracting Chandrachud while shooting because she wonders that no matter what happens but she will not let Chandrachud kill Anirudh. Because unless he is alive Chandrachud can not get Bondoita because she loves him a lot and as same Anirudh does. She further says that Anirudh is only for Bondita and his family and both of them love each other very much so it would be totally unfair. If Chandrachud plays some lousy trick for his own benefit and to make Bondita his life partner.

After a while, when Bondita reaches her residence Sumati starts emotional blackmail while thinking that she has only this way to convince Bondita. She mentions that unless Bondita will stay here, Anirudh will be tried such things to bring back her to his residence which is inappropriate enough and at any cost, she will not let it happen. Meanwhile, asks her to go back to London for her studies forever so that, her all pain and stress end soon. Bondita assures her by saying that she is going to London if her mother wants it.

At the same time, Chandrachud is hearing everything and says that how could she go like this, because he is waiting for her for 8 years. Sumati and Bondita get shocked to hear and their shocking gesture comes out, but he overturns the circumstances. Further says that not only him rather her entire family waited for her, so there is no need to go to London and makes her believe that he will manage everything. But Sumati does not agree with Chandrachud and mentions that once she will go there, then her all troubles will end and they need to understand it, so please do not say such things.

After that, Bondita gets a case and says she will do her best to win it at any cost no matter what happens. But she gets this case because of Anirudh, due to which the lawyer sitting nearby taunts Bondita that Anirudh is a big lawyer whose benefit will be getting by Bondita. Meanwhile, a lawyer does such mischiefs with Bondota and spontaneously Anirudh comes and slaps him by saying that what is their problem. Anonymous lawyer raises questions on their relationship but Anirudh passes such remarks to make him stop. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.



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