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Barrister Babu 15th October 2021 Episode Written Updates: Anirudh Gets Dead While Saving Bondita?

The 15th October 2021 episode of Barrister Babu begins where Batuk his rage towards Bondita because he does not want to see someone who can beat Anirudh, in the matter of success especially Bondita. Hence he is feeling jealous to see her because Anirudh is also helping her to go ahead, because he wants to watch her as a prominent Barrister in the future. But Batuk decides that he will not let it happen no matter what happens because Anirudh deserves everything instead of Bondita, hence he makes sure to create such an obstacle for Bondita which can tie the chain in her foot.

At the same time, he goes outside of the Roy Chaudhary mansion and tears all those posters which Bondita set on the walls along with the help of Anirudh. Meanwhile, wonders that he will not let anyone accept his perspective at any cost. On another side, Bondita Addressing the entire Village related the women rights, especially for widows. By saying that nowadays many people draw a criteria line for the widow in which, only restrictions exist like they can not do second marriage, can not go in functions, etc which are inappropriate enough so now they will have to remove these restrictions by themselves.

Plenty of villagers disagree with Bondita especially those who have widow daughter-in-law by saying that no one can change these restrictions, because it is a matter of their sentiments and any widow does not have the right to do their second marriage because it is a sin as per their perception. But Bondita slams them and mentions that this small thinking makes a big difference in society which affects their coming generation. Because if someone draws a line of restriction then the entire villagers start following that without thinking even once, about the consequences.

After hearing this, A few villagers kidnap Bondita and bring her to the corner of the River by mentioning, that she does not have a right to survive because she is a bad impact on society. As soon as Anirudh gets acquainted with their exploit he also reaches and jumps into the water to save her, but twist arrives when Bondita comes outside but Anirudh gets drowned but his body does not recover. Because of this, all villagers declare him as died by and accuses Bondita of his death, but no confirmation can be made because his body does not find. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.


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