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Badi Maa Getting Angry At Everyone


The latest episode of the show starts with, Badi Maa getting angry at everyone and mainly on Sandhya and Gajendra. She says them that how can be they so irresponsible, she looks at Gajendra and asks what kind of father he is because his daughter flees in front of his eyes. She says that she cribbed her kids alone and that too very well despite being a single mother. She says to them “you both have not kept your eyes on your daughter despite being her parents.

Geetanjali Devi says them that they wanted her to give these girls a chance but now their own daughter has eloped. Simar comes and says that Aarav and she did this mistake so please don’t blame Maa for this. Geetanjali says her to keep her lips stick and stay away from the family matter, she also says that here they are talking about the daughter and that too of Oswal family and as she is not the part of the family in her eyes so she should not talk between them, Badi maa then says that why she has started to defend Sandhya like she defends her parents all the time. Simar replies that Sandhya is her mother, Badi maa says “but you are not her daughter”. Badi Maa yells at them saying she wants her granddaughter in the house ASAP and that too at any cost. She looks at Simar and says “you took her out and you proved that the real reason was this because you wanted Aditi to elope with your brother”.

Aarav comes there and tells him not to blame Simar for this as he took them for the outing. Vivaan comes, Badi Maa asks if he got anything about Aditi, he replies no… Reema comes there talking on the phone about some designer lehenga. Geetanjali says “Today these girls unveiled their true colors. She also says, how can she give them a chance as they created trouble for the family. Badi Maa says, thank God that she did not give them a chance because if this was the case, these girls would have sold them all by now.

Geetanjali Devi again comes to Simar and says her to look what her Papa has done again. Simar begs not to drag her father between this as they are already in pain. Aarav Says her not to do anything against Simar’s father. She replies everything will happen with rules. She says Bhairav ​​to go and find the guy and shoot him. Simar cries and says to leave her brother. Badi Maa says that the boy should not be alive as he did the worst mistake of his life to touch Oswal’s daughter, she says that she will handle the law and all but the guy has to be dead. Simar cries and begs her to stay away from her brother. Aarav Takes his inside. The episode ends. Stay tuned with us to read more updates on the show and watch the complete episode to know what happened next.

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