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Bade Acche Lagte Hai BALH 2 Latest Episode 15th Oct 2021 Written Update Priya Makes Everyone Shocked

The 15th October 2021 episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 is bringing high-voltage drama where Adi informs Ram that they are finding Akki everywhere but still, no information has been reported regarding his exact location, he his concern by saying that God knows what happened to him and what is the reason behind his disappearance. Meanwhile, Meera takes place and says that she has also searched him everywhere, but despite all this, still she did not get anything and shows her worries because the auspicious moments are passing which is not good, so find him at any cost.

At the same time, Mama Ji expresses his concern by saying that according to the circumstances it seems that Akki does not want to marry Shivi. Because without informing anyone he got disappeared which is inappropriate enough, after hearing this, Shivi also thinks about what happened to him because Mama Ji keeps on passing remarks and prays to God that it could not be possible. Because Akki loves her a lot and considers her as his priority over everything, but the seed of doubt is getting increased in her mind because before this, Akki did not create such circumstances.

Meanwhile, Ram hears everything and wonders that if it is true so he will not let Akki go anywhere but extempore he says that it could be a false narrative as well. Because still, the possibilities of his arrival coming out so they can not reach the conclusion. But despite this, he goes to ask Shivi that whatever Mama Ji is saying truth is existing in his statement or not, could she elaborate him. Because the needle of doubt is pointing that his statement is a bit right, meanwhile, he asks directly that will he be ready to marry her or not tell him.

Suddenly, Priya takes place and interrupts him by saying that it is not true he gets shocked to see her, because a ray of the shine came along with her. Ram looks at her and wonders that now Priya has arrived so Akki is also ready to take place, everyone is looking at Priya while she arrives inside the house. Because everyone has plenty of questions regarding Akki and their curiosity of asking is getting increased. So let see what will happen next in the show, do not miss watching it on Sony TV and fr more details stay connected with us.


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