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Anirudh Spends Quality Time With Bondita


The upcoming episode of barrister babu starts where Anirudh and Bondita reach the Hutt away from Krishna Nagar and Tulsipur, and a very romantic moment takes place between the two. Meanwhile, Anirudh asks Bondita about her journey to London and what kind of circumstances she faced, and what type of teacher she got. Because he wants to know everything about her, so that, he can familiar with her each activity because somewhere he has done huge contribution in her Barrister’s journey. Bondita unleashes everything that how she used to remember him while having coffee.

Then Anirudh mentions that they should recreate such moments in which she lived alone beside him, hence, he pretends to make coffee for both of them. Meantime, she reveals that she had numerous friends there but she has one boyfriend as well, with whom she used to share her feelings. Anirudh gets shocked to hear this because he did not expect it and when it came spontaneously, his shocking reactions arrived. Even he feels jealousy but pretends like he does not care by saying that a girl and boy can be friends nowadays it’s not a big deal, but Dalibartely Bondita tries to tease him a bit more.

After that, Anirudh also tries to make her feel jealous by saying that in her absence he got a lot of girlfriends with whom he used to roam, and talk. Bondita gets angry to hear all this but she knows very well that no matter what happens but Anirudh can not do this. Therefore, both say that they care for each other, and hence, they can not bear it if someone comes close to them. Extempore both recalls the old days because they have faced such circumstances before too when Sampoorna asked Anirudh to go out.

Then Anirudh makes a swing for Bondota through her Saree and as same as Bondota does she makes a net to save him from mosquitos. The next morning, a few people come and start knocking on the door, Anirudh wakes up and opens it where they inform them that due to work they will have to go to Chandan Pur. This misunderstanding happened because Anirudh and Bondita told them their fake identity, therefore they are being taken by the organizers towards the wedding canopy. Because they are considering them wedding planners so do not miss streaming it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us.



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