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Anirudh Gets Closer To Bondita


The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu starts where finally, Anirudh confesses his feelings towards Bondita and eagerly waiting to know about her feeling for him. So when both do “Raasleela” spontaneously a person arrive there and informs Bondita that someone is waiting for her on the call from London. Bondita rushes to attend the call and meanwhile, Chandrachud chases her by thinking that whether they did not marry each other. But it does not make any difference in their relationship because inwardly he has tied a knot with Bondita, and in reality, it will fulfill soon.

Then Chandrachud decides to make Bondita agree to marry him as soon as possible no matter what happens. But all his conspiracy and plans get overturned because Tupur is seeing everything and therefore, she throws a stone to divert Chandrachud’s mind, and meanwhile she takes place instead of Bondita. Because of this, Chandrachud starts following her, and his intentions have been totally spoiled, and Tupur understands everything. Then both enter the room and the reason behind it because Tupur has changed juice and by mistake, Chandrachud took that and gets into an intoxication. Hence, he is unable to understand the difference between Bondita and her.

After a while, Tupur says that no matter how many attempts he does but he will not get Bondita at all. Another side, Bondita, and Anirudh get locked in the Granary where he decides to unleash his feelings towards Bondita so that, she can accept his apology and enter his life again. Therefore, he purposes Bondita and meanwhile, asks her what she feels for him to please reveal it as soon as possible. But she does not say even a single word but he keeps on urging her to say something, Inwardly Bondita wonders that she can not say anything.

On the other hand, Trilochan is doing worship for Bondita’s “Sharaad” and extempore Somnath comes and informs him that Anirudh went to Krishna Nagar. After hearing this, Tilochan gets worried and without any ado, leaves the place, but Sampurna is getting happy and asks the priest to organize worship for Anirudh and Bondita’s unite again. Then Trilochan reaches there and stops function by saying that why Bondita is doing such things for Anirudh. In the meantime, Bondita also confesses her feelings and says that she will never leave him at any cost, and she also realized her love for him. So do not miss watching it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us.



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