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Ahilya Bai Today’s Episode 26th August 2021 WU Latest Updates: Spoilers


The upcoming episode of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai begins where Gautama brings Ahilya to Vhoti Aai Saheb, and asks her to unleash whatever she wants to say because Ahilya is standing in front of her. Gautama says that Ahilya’s responsibilities are being increased day by day. Because somewhere Gautama wants to put some more responsibility Bardon on the shoulder of Ahilya. Hence, she asks Choti Aai Saheb to reveal everything so that, Ahilya can not ask her even a single question. Further, she says that in the coming 10 days she will get one more responsibility from which she is still unaware.

Then Choti Aai Saheb makes her understand that now she will have to indulge in the character of the wife, but Ahilya gets confused and asks her she married him 8 years ago and since then both are husband and wife. But Choti Aai Saheb mentions that she was playing the character of his friend for 8 years but now the correct time has arrived. Because of which, she will have to change herself as his wife. Gautama is standing behind her and wonders that everything is going on the same as she wants, because she needs to make Ahilya busy.

After a while, Choti Aai Saheb says that in the upcoming 10 days Khanderao’s arrival will take place, and both Gautama & Ahilya get happy. Ahilya recalls all those golden moments in which they both have spent each other, even Gautama gets emotional because after taking a long break finally, her son is coming back. There happiness knows no bounds. Ahilya is eagerly waiting for him and just in some upcoming days her wait is going to be over, Gautama also impatiently wants to see the face of her son. This news is no less than a celebration for them because the happiness of both has increased.

As we have watched in the previous episode, that Sita chooses a saree, and meanwhile, Haraku asks Ahilya to purchase anything she wants. Meantime, she brings Sita and informs that she can not take this necklace but Sita says that what she is doing here because as far as she is concerned, she needs to go to Darbar. Meanwhile, Sita retaliates with her by saying that she does not have any right to tell her such things. Ahilya apologizes to her and says she did not mean to hurt her, so do not forget to watch it on Sony Television and for further details connect with us.



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