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Abhi Tries To Melt Pragya’s Heart Full Episode


The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya features Gautam getting angry at Abhi. He wants Abhi out of his office. The manager tells him that they can’t kick him out as he is under a contract for one month. Abhi keeps making Gautam angry through his statement. Abhi advises Gautam to maintain distance from Pragya as it won’t be good for him. Gautam angrily asks him to state who even is he to order him. The manager asks Abhi to describe what is his issue with Gautam and Pragya. Abhi answers that his personality makes everyone jealous.

In the next scene, Abhi helps Pragya in every moment as he is hired as a bodyguard, cook, cleaner and in many roles. However, the pair ends up getting involved in romantic scenarios. Pragya gets irritated and thinks that she just wanted to stay away from him but now he has started working in her company only. Abhi informs Pragya that he is just busy with his work and adds that everyone in the office exclaims that she is cold-hearted and has anger issues but he knows how soft-hearted is she. Abhi attempts to remove the hatred in Pragya’s heart on every occasion he gets.

Abhi thinks that once the differences between them will end, everything will go back to normal. Here, Gautam has a conversation with his father and tells him that he doesn’t want to see Abhi in the office. Gautam’s father gets angry at him and suggests him concentrating on Pragya and ignore the servant for a while. His father reminds him of the plan that he has to marry Pragya as the latter is taking the entire company under her authority. He adds that he should get the property papers signed quickly. Gautam thinks about Abhi and wonders why is he with Pragya all the time and why he keeps threatening him.

Gautam has so many unanswered questions but he determines to get married to Pragya to take over her company and to become the owner of the property. Gautam also plans to remove Abhi from achieving his aim. Now, it would be interesting to watch if Abhi’s constant attempts blossom his and Pragya’s love story. Will Pragya start feeling for Abhi? Will Gautam manage to marry Pragya and fool Abhi? It will only get revealed in upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya. Stay tuned with us to get the latest news and gossips about the show.

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